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chains, its better to book in advance. In this type of setting, its not at all personal. For first-timers, a visit to a spa in China can be a stressful experience as they are unfamiliar with the customs and etiquette. Youll either undress to your underwear or down to the nude.

Bathhouse Etiquette, bathhouses like, xiao Nan Guo Spa in Shanghai require you to walk around completely nude except for slippers and a locker key. Its normal not to feel comfortable removing your underwear the very first time you get a massage, but youll probably feel more comfortable in doing so on subsequent visits. Undress to your level of comfort. This can be a hotly debated topic among men. Quick prelim point: do you choose a male or female therapist? Youre not a prude if you keep your underwear on, and youre not a perv if you remove. Even a vibration is often noticeable in a quiet room, so go nuclear, and shut the dang thing down. But it is easier for the therapist to work without a cloth barrier to truncate their movements (especially true if youre wearing big, baggy boxer shorts so you really should remove your undies if possible. Other types of spas and specific treatments like a full-body oil massage, require nudity.

Generally, your therapist will lead you to your therapy room and point out where you are supposed to change and what they would like you to wear. Was this page helpful? You'll be guided to the robe, paper (disposable) underwear or other garments to wear. Your therapist will discreetly leave the room and knock before entering to give you privacy. If it's a local place, and you're a big person, then you may want to ensure it will fit before disrobing. Booking, depending on what kind of spa you're visiting, you don't always need to book in advance. Keep reading to for your full guide of what to wear to a massage and shop key pieces.

Its about relaxation, not seduction. Foot massage, traditional massage, at small spas like. Before a massage appointment, youll have to fill out some health background paperwork, and also talk with the therapist for just a couple minutes about what youre looking for. Many English-language spa websites have lists of rules and frequently-asked questions. If not, have a good look around the room and take stock of what's there. Same thing goes for needing to pee, or simply blow your nose. Unlike in many parts of the world, spas and massage parlors are very common in most neighborhoods of major cities across the country.


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